The Bud Butler Stash Box FAQs

The Bud Butler Stash Box FAQ's

Can I Add My Own Pipe/Vape/Piece To A Box?

Wee'd love to add what ever we can to a box! There are some size limitations, so please reach out for more details. We're more than happy to add/make space for your pipe, grinder, vape, wraps, or anything else you use to smoke.

Can I Add My Own Image or Design To Be Engraved?

Hell yes you can! Whether you know what you would like engraved already or need something to be designed for you, we'd love to be the smoke shop to serve you! Please reach out if there are questions about a custom engraving.

Are Any Of The Styles Smell Proof?

While our boxes are not entirely smell proof, the handcut, active charcoal foam paired with our anti-damage design reduces how much odor gets out.

Can I Add or Substitute Items In A Box?

Of course! We want you to have the best stash box possible and would love to work with you and make sure that whats in the box is something you will use.

Is The Jar In The Stash Box Odor-Proof?

Yes, the glass mason jar has a threaded lid with a plastic o-ring that makes it odor-proof, ensuring that the scent of your bud doesn't escape and preserving the freshness of your herb.

Can I Purchase Additional/Replacement Items

Yes, you can! Please reach out about purchasing additional/replacement items. We can not guaruntee that we will have the exact pipe replacement but if we will do our best to accomodate you!

Is There Discreet Shipping?

There is 100% discreet shipping on every order! Every box is sent with no external branding and comes from an apartment in Phoenix, AZ.