Who Is The Bud Butler

First off, thank you for visiting The Bud Butler, and thank you for getting so curious as to learn more about us. And who exactly is 'us'? Well, in reality, it's me, Nick Butler, that runs The Bud Butler with the help of my girlfriend Taylor and supported/annoyed by my cat, Ginny, and Taylors cats, Lyla and Pigeon.

We strive to make the most convenient, effective, and personalized stash boxes for not only the seasoned stoner, but also the new (legal) smoker just looking to keep their stash hidden away in their closet. We assemble all boxes in Arizona and ship everything from our two bedroom apartment in Mesa!

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Our Mission

At The Bud Butler we aim to create custom, top-shelf products for your stash and all of the goodies that go along with it. From stash boxes & stash jars to all of the items go inside, I choose only quality items for your stash to remain secured & protected.

Our Vision

 3-5 Years - I want to open a store that will be the "Build-A-Bear Workshop" for stash boxes, where customers can customize all kinds of smoking essentials from bongs, to boxes, to grinders, etc!

Our Company Mission

Elevate a cannabis enjoyers stash with high quality items that last through multiple adventures and countless relaxing evenings as well as expand the personality that can be added to a stash.

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