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Pipe Smoker Stash Box

Pipe Smoker Stash Box

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Our beautiful wooden Pipe Smoker stash box is the perfect companion for cannabis smokers that want an all-in-one stash set. Crafted from robust and durable paulownia wood, it's designed to keep your herbs, pipe, grinder, jar, & premium smoking accessories safe and secure. With its convenient size and stylish personalization options, this wooden stash box is an essential item for those smokers who want security and personality with their cannabis storage. This stash box is a must-have for those who enjoy smoking weed at home or on-the-go.

Inside the Pipe Smoker box is:

  • Unique Glass Piece*
  • 4 Oz. Odor-Proof Glass Jar*
  • 4-Piece Metal Grinder*
  • RAW Rolling Papers
  • RAW Paper Tips
  • Two Clipper Lighter
  • Hand-cut Charcoal Foam
  • Secure Metal Clasp*

* Indicates Customizable

Add some additional dopeness to your stash box with a laser engraved design!

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