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Build Your Own Stash Box

Design your weed stash box from start to finish with our Build-A-Box system, allowing you to choose the style, engraving, and premium items that will be loaded inside. All of our stash boxes feature handcut, active charcoal foam that will prevent damaged items as well as trap any unwanted odors.

White Pipe - Square.jpg__PID:17d7369f-2161-4ce3-aa8d-e463a79372a6

Pipe Smoker Box - $75

Build Your Pipe Smoker Box
Joint Box Square.jpg__PID:15f2beea-cfb4-49bb-9890-352f1b87bc8d

Joint Roller Box - $75

Build Your Joint Roller Box
Space for More 3.0.jpg__PID:877e02bf-c16e-4d0d-89e6-e63e56c4d518

Flex Space Box - $70

Build Your Flex Space Box